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Tournament Rules



  1. Games will be six (6) innings, except 13u & 14u will be 7 innings. A 15 run rule is in effect after 3 innings, ten (10) run rule after four (4) innings and eight runs after five (5) innings.


2)  Team roster will have no more than fifteen (15) players.  Birth certificates

     must be available if requested. Age cut-off is May 1st.


  1. The additional hitter may be used (10 players in batting order).  The

additional hitter (AH) must be in the batting order at the start of the game.  The AH may be positioned in the field at any time without affecting the batting order.  All “Original” starters, including the AH, may be removed from the game for a substitute and reentered into the game one time only.  They must return to the original position in the batting order from which they were removed.  All substitutes are “dead” after entering the game, then removed.  Courtesy runner for catcher & Pitcher anytime.  Any sub off bench or player who made last out. 


  1. No bowling over the catcher or any other player in the infield.  If there is

a play at the plate or any base the runner must slide or give themselves up.   Any intentional collision and the runner will be called out and possible ejection from the game and future games.  This will be a judgment call by the umpire and his decision is final.  The umpire will determine if contact could have been avoided. 


  1. If a player, coach or fan is kicked out of a game, they MUST SIT OUT the

next game (includes semi finals and finals).  Sportsmanship is demanded.

As a coach, you are responsible for your players as well as your fans.


  1. All Bats most be wood,.


  1. Roster batting will be allowed not mandatory.


     8) All protests handled on the spot - $50.00 fee.  Tournament director or his

          Representative has the final decision.  Judgment calls cannot be protested,

          only rule interpretations.


  1. Pitching distance and base length are 46 and 65 feet 9/10u, 50 and 70 feet 11u/12u. 54 and 80 feet 13u, & 14u &15/16u, 60 and 90 feet respectively for 14u.


  1. There will be a 2 hour time limit on games. No new inning will BEGIN after 2 hour inning being played will be completed.  No time limit on  Championship. Games will start on time or as soon as the game before finishes. Coaches have your teams ready 30 minutes prior to game time.


11) Any game started and stop due to weather will be pick up exactly where they left off unless 3      innings complete that will be a final game.





12) Pitching Rules: 9u- 13u  

 7 innings per day, Balks one warning per team 10u and under.

***8 TOTAL innings, including semi-finals and championship***



One (1) pitch in one inning constitutes a 1/3 of an inning pitched.


Managers use good judgment on the health of your pitchers.


The HOME team is responsible for turning in the tournament score sheet and pitching statistics.  The only way we can keep correct pitching stats is if the home team logs both teams pitching stats correctly.  We need the LAST names and uniform numbers of the players that pitched for both teams.  It is both teams responsibility to verify that stats are correct.  Teams need to sign and home team needs to turn sheet in at the tournament coordinators or concession stand before the next game.




13) Tie Games- In pool Play if the time limited has been reach a tie game will be a final score.  If time limit has not been reached any Tie Game will go into Texas Shootout rules. As follows last out in inning is put on 2nd base, and each Batter starts with 3-2 count.  Players who pitch these innings will count as innings pitch.  Also score will be tally as follows loser will be minus 1 and winner plus 1.  Example if game ends 6-6 and in shootout Team 1 wins 10-6 the final score will read 7-6 Team 1.

Once time limit is reached if still a tie game it will end in a tie game.


     14) Tiebreakers:

            Bracket and Wild Card

                     a)  Head to Head

                    b)  Total Runs allowed

                    c) Run differential (max 8 per game)

                       Ex. If you win 12-0, you will only be credited for 8 runs

                    d) Total Runs Scored

                    e)  Coin Flip


15)  No home team will Bat in bottom of inning if leading in last inning or mercy rule has already took effect.


     16) NO Metal Spikes will be permitted 12u and under


     17) Home team will be decided by coin flip.


     18) All teams need to be ready to play 30 minutes early.  No infield practice before any game.


      19) Each team is responsible for 1 new and 1 good used game ball each.    


     20) 1ST and 2nd place will receive trophies 12 total trophies per team.





 21) Refund Policy

           0 games 75%

           1 Game 50%

           2 Games no refunds


    22)  The 2017 Official Baseball Rule Book will cover any rules not mentioned

  in this document.